Marc Sparks: Life should be treated as an Exclamation and not Explanation

People who have been around for long can tell you that one day your life will present itself before your eyes. They will also tell you that when it presents itself to you, make sure it’s worth looking at. When speaking about his life, Mark Sparks recently said that there is an experience that had changed his life and the one of his wife. He says that this is an experience that has taught him that life should be treated as an exclamation, unlike the common notion where people treat it as an explanation. Marc Sparks explains how he takes time off his schedule to drive to his ranch that is located in East Texas. He explains that he has an office there meaning that he can also work on the ranch. Learn more:


Marc Sparks explains how he had to postpone his visit to the ranch by a day and decided to go on Saturday. He was travelling with his wife who was seated in the passenger’s seat. During the ride, Marc Sparks nearly hit a woman who was trying to cross the freeway on a busy Saturday morning. Marc Sparks was lucky as he did not hit the woman. However, the lady was not lucky as she was hit by an oncoming vehicle and died on the spot. Initially, Marc Sparks thought that the lady had been trying to commit suicide, but it later emerged that she had been trying to get to the other side to help a person who was in need. After the incident, Marc Sparks tried to understand the whole event. He asked himself why he was driving on the freeway at that moment. He also asked himself why the lady could not wait until the road had cleared. Lastly, he asked himself why the lady was hit by the next car and not him. Learn more:


At the end of the day, Marc Sparks says that regardless of the tragedies we face in life, the good must prevail over the evil. Marc Sparks believes that life is precious and should be protected at all cost. Since he finished school, Marc Sparks has managed to be part of over 60 companies. Some of these companies include Timber Creek Capital and Splash Media. In the area of Texas, Marc Sparks is known for supporting children who cannot afford basic education. He helps these children by paying tuition for their education and offering them reading materials. The American Can! Foundation is one venture that Marc Spark is part of. He offers beneficiaries of this program laptops and iPads to enable them to pursue their education.  Learn more:


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    He likewise says that we should attempt and carry on with an existence of reason. He is additionally a supporter of the Habitat for Humanity where helps manufacture homes for the destitute. This is most accurate thing to do and the best essay writer uk might have wondered a little about it too.

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