Jeremy Goldstein Solves Problems

Jeremy Goldstein is a veteran business lawyer with over 15 years of experience. When companies need help with employee benefits and related concerns, they reach Jeremy Goldstein. In addition to experience, Jeremy has also established his own independent law firm.


Recently, many corporations have decided to stop providing stock options to employees. Some of the organizations wanted to save money, others simply found that it’s a better method overall. Jeremy Goldstein explains the three problems that usually convince companies to neglect stop options.


When stock values of the options dip, employees no longer find it beneficial to keep them. At that point, it’s just an accessory. Also, many employees are aware of the economic downturns and cycles, thus they tend to avoid engaging in the stock options altogether because they know it will fall. Lastly, stock options have large financial burdens on the corporation. Executing and maintaining the accounting, amongst other things, are simply overwhelming.


However, there is a solution. Jeremy Goldstein explains the knockouts option will completely fix most of the problems with stock options. Knockouts option is similar to a stock option, with the difference being that once the price falls under a certain limit, employees are no longer guaranteed the option.


By exercising the knockouts option, companies can avoid excessive costs, which were once associated with stock options, and execute their business operations. Albeit the option solves a lot of problems, it still is not perfect. In fact, Jeremy Goldstein recommends companies to wait six to eight months before fully implementing the option.


Jeremy Goldstein’s solutions are highly valued within the industry because of his sheer presence. For instance, he was vital to transactions in companies such as Chevron, AT&T, and Merck. Moreover, he served on the prestigious board of the nonprofit Fountain House, a law firm.


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