Scott Rocklage’s Unwavering Work Ethic

Scott M. Rocklage is a biotechnology field professional who has a job with 5AM Ventures, a venture capital company. The goal at 5AM ventures is to offer financing to businesses that specialize in life and sciences. Rocklage has been part of 5AM Ventures’ world since 2003. He then worked as a Venture Partner. He quickly advanced to Managing Partner status a year later. He’s currently a Founding Partner. Rocklage’s background in the healthcare management sector spans more than 30 years. He’s assumed all kinds of leadership duties throughout that time period as well. Rocklage at the moment is in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, California. He earned a B.S. (bachelor of science) degree from the widely known public school. He headed all the way to the East Coast after completing his undergraduate degree. Rocklage attended MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has a chemistry PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) through the school.


Rocklage has been on the board of many distinguished organizations. He’s served on the Board of Directors for esteemed names such as Novira Therapeutics, Pulmatrix, Rennovia and Epirus Pharmaceuticals. He’s been a board chairman for Expansion Therapeutics, Achaogen and Relypsa. He’s even been a board member for VBI Vaccines and WaveRx.


This science aficionado is no newbie to early wakeup calls. 5AM Ventures is known by that name for one clear reason. The members of its staff generally get to work before the rest of the world does. Rocklage admits that there are never any predictable or “normal” days in his chaotic life. He sometimes researches emerging life science topics all day long. He occasionally meets up with management professionals to take care of business. He often gets ready for and goes to board meetings as well. Rocklage can never guess what’s in store for him throughout the course of a straightforward work day. His career is constantly moving in different and exciting directions. That’s par for the course in the science community.


He makes interesting concepts realities by dealing with all sorts of entrepreneurs. He deals with businesspeople, doctors and scientists alike. He aids them by narrowing their concepts down. Rocklage works to create medications that can possibly take care of health problems. He concentrates on health problems that existing medications simply are unable to treat effectively. Rocklage is a man who likes to be bold and audacious.


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