Isn’t It Romantic was an instant hit the moment it was released on February 13th. Warner Bros. Pictures released the film on the said date in the United Kingdom, and it was well received. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Fans turned up in large numbers to watch the movie that has been hyped by different social media platforms. Instead of waiting for the day of love on the 14th as excitedly as they should, most were waiting for the premiere of Isn’t It Romantic.

A factor that drew most people’s attention is when the producers of the movie announced that they would be casting the talented Rebel Wilson.

Rebel Wilson is well known around the globe for her films and her sense of humor. Rebel Wilson was offered the role of Natalie, who is the lead actress. Natalie hails from Australia but has lived in New York for most of her life.

Natalie works as an architect, and she is talented and skilled in her work. She is a hard worker and is self-driven to better her work. Natalie lives in one of the shady neighborhoods of New York where she encounters all sorts of characters such as drug dealers and robbers.

As opposed to many people who love watching romance films just like herself, Natalie is not a hopeless romantic. She hates the thought of love and how it is completely overrated. As expected for someone who lives in a neighborhood such as hers, Natalie comes across a thief one night. She is knocked on the head and passes out.

When she regains consciousness, she is in a different place where everything plays by fantasy. Natalie now has the task to fall in love with the right guy so she can go home. Her life has completely turned around. She had no men who took an interest in her, but in this new place, everybody seems to be attracted to her.

The movie is very captivating and interesting. What makes it amazing is that Rebel Wilson is in it. Rebel Wilson came from a humble background in Australia, but she had the support of her mom and siblings to follow her passion.

In high school, Rebel was good in academics and she thought she would pursue a career in mathematics, but things turned out different. She went to the University of New South Wales and also attended the Australian Theater for Young People. Her budding career began at these two places.

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