Betsy DeVos Is A Political Fighter With A Smile On Her Face

If you met Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos out in public, you would probably have no idea that she was such a political lightening rod. She could greet you with a smile and a warm “hello” and you would be taken up in her charm. That is just the person that Mrs. DeVos is. When you meet her on a personal level, she is incredibly warm and charming. However, when you know her as a political animal, that is a completely different story.


Betsy DeVos is known as a big fighter for charter schools in her home state of Michigan. She has always believed in the cause of those schools, and she continues to fight for that mission while working for the White House. Those who have opposed her in the past say that she should not be overlooked. They honestly believe that she can get even more done in the shadow of her cover as a meek individual if you allow that to happen.


Take into account that fact that DeVos is a billionaire and you start to realize just how much power she really can wield. She is not just someone who has a lot of political influence, she also uses it to mold to her will. She has already accomplished great things in the business world and the public sector to some extent. Therefore, she is definitely seen as the type of person you do not want to take for granted.


While she is a supporter of the President, she doesn’t exactly fit into the stereotype of someone who would be. First of all, obviously she is a woman, not exactly something that most people associate with supporter of Donald Trump. Also, she is known as being very generous back in her home state. She has contributed huge sums of money to charities and causes that she believes in. At the same time, she remains steadfast on the path of both supporting the President and the charter school system that she sees as being so valuable.


Liberals don’t always know what to make of Betsy DeVos. The immediate knee-jerk reaction is to dislike her, but there are certain qualities and actions that she takes which ease those feelings among some on the Left from time to time. Her opposition of the President’s plan to ban transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice for example. That being said, she remains a controversial figure for many, and that is probably not going to change anytime soon.


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